It all started with me finally got out of my bed and stop watching kdrama.It’s like those sudden moments where I just thought ‘hey, why not I hit up the kitchen and make something?’. Because my mom recently just brought this new pan (which at the end of the day I only use it once). Friendly reminder to everyone and myself not to buy a manual waffle pan that you have to flip it over every 1 minute instead to buy the automatic one where you can just put your dough in it and just wait for it to cook by itself for about 5 minutes.

at that moment my inner self-was screaming,


But deep down inside I still want to make waffles again considering my cooking skill isn’t a joke anymore *blow my nails*

like the last time I finally able to make myself a decent teh tarik. Please understand that making teh tarik isn’t as same as making milo where you just put the milo, milk and some hot water. I also think that I really have to improve my ‘tarik’ skill if I don’t want to drink only a half cup of teh tarik. Yes, people, you’re right, malayI spilled most of my drink while trying to do the ‘tarik’ thingy so I can have a perfect foam. #guilty. what can I do, I mean your girl right here is obsessed with a perfect fluffy foam when it comes to teh tarik.


Back to the waffle making story. I was facing a world crisis for a second when I don’t know what is vanilla extract in malay or even what it looks like. #yesiam100%malaysian had to google it for a second. Almost got a mini heart attack if I didn’t have it in my kitchen because then I’ll just go back to my comfortable bed and park hyung sik.

Let me be clear to you I am not a kitchen person okay. I only went to my kitchen to get a food not to make one. Don’t blame me, when you have a mother who don’t usually cook you yourself just dont cook too. It’s in the genes people.A good friendly reminder to my future husband I will not say yes when you propose to me if you didn’t agree for us to have a maid.Unless you want to eat maggie for the rest of your life *wink*

The waffle was good I must say but I made it too thick so it doesn’t taste that good? but it was my first try without no one helping me so I think I deserve a pat on my back. *pats myself on my back furiously*3

I also had to include the ‘gaerang pang’ that I made with my friends. It’s so funny how it doesn’t taste as good as the visual looks like. (now I know why it was left untouched in my refrigerator for a long time)1

One thing that im sure about is that you don’t usually eat the food that you make.Weird? I think so. It’s as if the pleasure of cooking is when someone is enjoying your food and that someone isn’t you.

from me, a no longer kitchen virgin.
#mytarikskillisgoodnow #ismamakhiring #vkusno #whoamikiddingistillwatchkdrama #nolongerakitchenvirgin

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