When I was young, I was told that dreams are just dreams. How when I grow up, those dreams will eventually never come true because we will always end up with something lesser than what we wanted to be. So I asked them ‘then why do we even have a dream? Is it for something to hold on to?” No. I believe it is to be achieved. I don’t like how some of us believe that dreams are only dreams as they are usually too big for us or too hard to achieve because we tend to dream for something impossible like becoming a doctor. One of the best quotes that I still remember till now is from John Green’s novel, The Fault In Our Stars. There’s this part when Augustus said

“The world, is not a wish-granting factory”

It is undeniably true. It is not a wish-granting factory, therefore we should put all of our effort and passion into the work to make our dreams come true. Why do we see big dreams are unachievable? Why do we belittle the youngsters so much? Why do we abide them from dreaming too big? Why do we forbid the youngsters to follow their dreams while they are still in their ‘hot blooded’ phase? So many questions, yet so little answer. I’m not questioning elders’ ability to see the future optimistically but I’m questioning their trust. As much as we afraid of letting our kids out of the cage to let them taste the sweet and bitter of reality, we should let them have a bite of it. After all, one way or another they will have to face the reality whether by force or by their own desire.

I often see my friends being downgraded by themselves so why do we have to add more force into it. Instead of encouraging them to become whoever they wanted to be, we offer them with choices that they are not passionate about. Thus, it leads into the downside of economic growth in our country. Where we work only for money and recognition. No passion and enthusiasm can not only affect the economy but also our life. We will feel like as if we are working for nothing, we feel more tired than ever and we often take things for granted. As we live by the ‘trickle-down theory’ just so we can live a better life.

I do understand that we should also emphasize the importance of academic results as it is the closest and easiest way to judge one’s ability to become whoever they want to be but I believe one should not be tied to the past failures. They maybe did not do well back in high school, but what the future holds, we never know. What I’m saying is we should not lose faith in our kids as they are growing up day by day and learning to be a much better person than they were yesterday. Trust, my dear, is the fundamental of one’s success. Instead of using their failures as the evidence to support the notion of them not being able to achieve any of their dreams, parents should encourage them to take that big step towards their dream with a daily dose of a pat on their back for every step they take. Mistakes or failure should not be ended with just a slap on the wrist instead should be another lesson to learn and another day to ponder. My favorite Walt Disney’s quote has to be, ‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them’ and I couldn’t agree more! The courage to go against the current is the sole reason for one to achieved one’s dream. You don’t have to be afraid of being different instead you should embrace it. You might have to be a little bit of hard-headed and firm about your decision but nothing’s better than being so sure of what you want. Sometimes we should all inhale the possibility that it might come true. So dream big people!

So, what is your dream?

#herestoeveryonewhowastoldthattheycantbewhoevertheywanttobe #becauseyoucan #beaunicornifyouwant

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