Sate my hunger for a churro, checked. Finally, after a few months of liking pictures of churro on Instagram I finally got to eat one. Well, or maybe two? So the best part of the churros date is, the guy actually gave us an extra churro for free. Ish, this guy is too obvious, if you want my number just say so la (well, it’s not like I’ll give him my number lol). What’s embarrassing?  we actually went to get churro twice, right after we arrived there and also before we went home so basically the guy who works there probably thought that we were expecting for another free churro well, worry less boi we are paying this time. It’s funny how the day started off with me and my friends planning to go out for a shopping because they have yet found any good scarf that’ll match with their outfit for a wedding. Well, one thing leads to another. We went from ‘let’s go for a scarf hunting to a  we NEED to eat churros like this is our main mission’. All is well, we arrived there just in time, the mall was empty since its weekday so we have the mall to ourselves. yes, please expect us being crazy and embarrassing ourselves.

I also forgot to point out that we actually went there by a grabcar!? Also, went home by a grabcar too !. Yes, it’s official guys, I’m no longer a grabcar virgin. It’s weird at first because I would steal a few glances at the driver just in case if I can’t trust that guy. He might look nice but some people are more than just meets the eye. I have to make sure that this guy isn’t plotting any blockbuster scale of kidnap because I’m afraid that we were so busy talking that we weren’t focusing on where the car is moving towards to. Plus, none of us know the way to the mall since it’s our first time there. Well, it’s true after all that two is better than one. Only, in this case, three is better than one because apparently one of my friends is used to grabcar so she knows her thang.

Guess what, the first shop that we went to was.. cue the drum roll. Badum tss. Laneige. Lol excuse you but I’ve been eyeing the shop since the night before we went to the mall. I was like ‘wait, there’s a Laneige shop? I’d be lying if I say I won’t go there’. Well, happiness doesn’t last long because just like any other day, the tint mint lip tint that I want is out of stock. What. Do. I. Even. Expect. My friend said she heard that right after we walked out of the shop, the sales girl said to her friend ‘see everyone wants the tint mint’. Girl, by now you should already restock the tint mint but this time more than usual since you, yourself know people are looking for it more than the other color.

After that, we went to Daiso to look for a wedding gift (even though it’s not really the best place to find a wedding gift) but then it turned into a whole photoshoot with things that we never bought. Yes, we are very ashamed of ourselves. Old ladies be staring at us thinking how can these girls managed to escaped from the mental hospital. I myself am shaking my head furiously at how embarrassing we are. I honestly think that I tend to left my brain at home every time I hang out with these girls.

Guys, please remind me to not hang out with these people again.

a proof that I’m the only normal one here
#idontknowboutyou #butimfeeling22
yes, we are ready for the beach. The real question is, is the beach ready for us?
guys, mirror selfie is a must. Especially you’re at Ikea and there’s a bunch of beautiful mirrors.




gurl, you’re just weird. that’s it. full stop.

wait, did I forgot to mention that weird puns also included on this trip? because do expect one. I mean, when I go to IKEA, please expect me to come up with billions of puns. Seriously, they sure do have weird names for furnitures. Also, I wore my shawl by myself woot woot.

#imnottheirfriendimnottheirfriend #whentheyareactingweird #ijustturnmyheadaway #andscootawayalittlebit #thenactlikeasifidontknowthem #who’sfriendisthis?

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