Honestly, everyone’s just tryna survive the week. so am I.

Day 5

I still can’t believe that I make it to the 5th day. I thought I might have a mental breakdown and call my mom to pick me up and go to a nearer uni instead of uni that is in another state. Somehow I made it through. Without crying you may ask? ofc I did. Btw, yesterday’s weather was so bad that we even ran in our sports attire. We legit were drenched in both mixes of rain and sweats. Had to change to our formal attire back again. Just so you know, we haven’t take a shower yet but have to quickly change to our formal attire (baju kurung). RIP to my perfume and deodorant that I abused for the past few days. You will be remembered. and replace…

Day 6

After a few months starting my blog with ‘i woke up late again today’ I can finally say that I’m out of my norm side since every day, my day starts as early as 5 am. The talk went so well and it was, even more, fun when I’m with the ‘makciks’ (that’s what I prefer to call them or more likely, us. lol). We legit couldn’t stop laughing over the smallest thing even when yien (her full name is ain lol she told me there’s so many ain so she wanna be a Lil bit diff) legit just hang her dorm keys on her brooch. HOW. TO. BE. THAT. SMART. THO. hahaaha. The fun part? of course, it’s the ‘sporting campus’. When they all decided to use phone’s torchlight as a part of our cheer. Guys, I thought I was at a concert for a second. The dark and boring night suddenly lit up. It was so beautiful as if all of the stars decided to lay down on earth instead of standing tall on the sky. The people are also super energetic and hyped that night that we would chant our cheer every 5 seconds. It ended with us going back to our dorm around 12 pm and me going to sleep at 1:20 am. I know late, my bad but a girl just needs her kdrama even a little bit okkay. Even just for 20 minutes. The internet shocked me because I never thought that there would be no buffering though. Like the first 20 minutes, legit didn’t buffer at all. Bless this uni (probably everyone’s asleep at that time and I happen to be so lucky lol)

and yes, I met this makcik-makcik like a few days ago and now we’re laughing over everything that yien said. HER. VOICE. I. CANNOT. she sounds like as if she’s forcing her voice to come out and even better my roommate said that she sounds like as if she’s swallowing her saliva and talking at the same time lol. I only met my friends from school once each day. It’s so hard to meet them now even though we’re so close. All in all, it was good to not only have my old friends but these makciks to accompany me throughout my journey as a uni student. Or even better, till Jannah

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