I’m on the second week here and so far so good. I’m not sure if I really am better at goodbye now or it’s just a temporary kind of situations because honestly, I didn’t cry when I send off my parents woot-woot. The trick? just don’t look back guys and don’t think too much. But one thing that I realized that it’ll hit you any moment without warning but that also means that you have to get over as quickly as you can. It’s not a bad thing of course but it does affect your daily mood.

My roommate came a little bit late than me so I have the room to myself and spent the whole day reading novels. Trust me I tried guys. I did. But from time to time I will find myself starting to think about what possibly my parents be doing at the moment or what are they eating for Iftar. It was hard at first especially when you’re alone and not doing anything so your brain sort of doing all of their job which means.. over thinking. Also, the worst thing you could do when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no wifi connection and no shopping mall nearby. By the way, here some selfie from me while waiting for my roommate and to get over that boredom. Honestly, I can’t wait till I can finally go to classes and be busy because I need to keep myself busy from thinking about everything back at home T_T #nopeimnothomesick

The best thing that happened so far? My cat’s flannel shirt has arrived !! woot woot . I must confess that Noir looks so good in that flannel shirt and cute in that bee costume !!

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