After coming back to uni for a week, I’m home for another week. It was great that this time I get to experienced what it’s like to ride a train to home. I know some of you might think that I’m weird but bro I rode a train for 2 hours by myself (ofc with my friends) without my parents. It was super exciting that people around us might be disturbed by my loudness. Also, I didn’t even sleep at all for the whole 2 hours. I legit expect that I would get super bored and tired that I’ll start to watch some kdrama that I have on my laptop or read a book but I didn’t. Why? you may ask. MY INTERNET WAS 4G FOR THE WHOLE 2 HOURS. Well, not really but you can say almost throughout the whole 2 hours I have internet. I was on Instagram for the whole time while taking some selfies because my mom insists me to.

We started off by getting ready early, me and Dayah. But our early bum wasn’t helping at all when Hawa decided to take her time getting ready plus the cab wasn’t answering my call for 3 times. I was so anxious at that time because we have to be there around 30 minutes early so that we don’t have to rush into anything plus the fact that everyone wants to go home that day so possibly everyone needs a cab. The inside of ets? It was super comfy for me. I love it definitely can’t wait for my ride back to uni this Monday!  The best part of the ride? the small shop that they have in there. It was a small shop that serves you some food. Since it’s Ramadhan and our train was around evening so we will have to break our fast on the train! Definitely, one of the thing that I most look forward to, which is having our iftar on the train with my friend. I went for instant noodles because nothing beats instant noodles when it’s so cold. We finished off our iftar with teh tarik. Of course, what do you expect? a girl needs her teh tarik and good thing my seat mate also a teh tarik lover! What a luck!

Two hours went by without even we realized it. Suddenly, we’re back in KL! Woot Woot! The tall building, the bright lights, and the humongous billboards literally excite me more than the greenery back in Tapah. Weird? I think so. Don’t blame me, I need some time to digest the whole surrounding that I will be surrounded by for the next two years. Here, we got shopping mall, cinema, and lots of lots of restaurants how can I not love my home! Back in uni we barely have a restaurant like we do have KFC and Pizza Hut but within 5km away. Now tell me how can I live without it?. it does feel weird when I was at the kl sentral train station because on our way to the car I was in awe looking at the buildings that are standing tall right in front of me and the busy roads with the never ending cars and motorcycle. It’s weird that it excites me but yes, I do.

On top of all, IM HOME!

update: this is when we were on our way back to uni

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