I’ve been delaying this post for quite some time now like it literally been stored in the ‘draft’ since last week because I’ve been so *cough* busy *cough* (or procrastinate for the whole week you may say) so here you go my not so-interesting-short-getaway-but-just-what-i-need since nothing can beat a well spent time with family.

I waited for my parents to pick me up till like 5 pm even when they promised to pick me up at 1 pm after my class but patient is needed at this moment, my mind thought at that time. Since they’re at Selangor and  I’m on the other side of our country so that explains why. It took them 2 hours to arrived here and perhaps they need a break and do their prayer. I was lazying around while watching kdrama probably an ideal way for me to spend 7 hours alone in my room while waiting for my parents. Not so so ideal but I finally realize the importance of having movies or drama in your laptop as a university student to kill that boredom or to procrastinate. Hahaha, avoid the latter guys. Don’t be like me.

We arrived at the Cameron Highland just in time for dinner and for us to do our Maghrib prayer. Trust me, we spent the whole car ride to Cameron Highland catching up. Mostly about kdrama. Yes, we literally can’t go one day without discussing it. I asked them about ‘Suspicious Partner’ and how’s the ending bla bla bla. The real definition of catching up with my family. Hahaha.Other than that, I’m also worried me to death knowing that my dad got into an accident a day before our trip. First, I’m scared of my dad’s condition but Alhamdulillah all is good. Second, I’m scared that the trip is canceled. yup not the car, but the trip comes first before the well-being of the car because I felt like this might be the only chance for me to meet them since I won’t be home for the next three weeks and oh, can you believe it? It’s already three months since MDS and also it has been three months since i could neither eat nor sleep properly. I’m still alive and staying strong but on the inside, only me and my cells know how much I want to go home.

We started our trip to the night market which is basically a must place you have to go when you’re at Cameron Highlands. Basically, it is because the fruits and vegetables there are very fresh. Also, the favorite part for every parent is the fact that you can bargain the price till there’s nothing left to pay for. Okay, I’m exaggerating but honestly, it’s so cheap like you can mix the vegetables or fruits for a few kilograms and managed to get it under 50 ringgit. Now, isn’t that something that would trigger our parent’s wallet. Bhahhaha they’d be enjoying the whole vegetable and fruits shopping while me enjoying my strawberry chocolate to the fullest as always. I must say, a trip to Cameron Highlands isn’t complete if you didn’t try the strawberry chocolate. I legit ate like more than 6 sticks of strawberry chocolate during my stay there. Trust me, you can never say no to strawberry chocolate there. Oh, btw, all of the fried foods there also taste so good. My favorite gotta be fried mushrooms. The. taste. is. out.of. the world.guys!

After what seems like forever at the night market, we went straight to our hotel room. That’s the first time though for us to check in late at night. Let me ask you a question though, what is a hotel room to you? Back then, hotel room means playground. I’m not gonna lie though we would spend hours and hours playing, jumping on the bed, chasing each other around the hotel room till we tired and watching movies till late in the night together.


We even built a fort using an umbrella as our ‘safe zone’. Smart? Inventive? I think so. Bhahahhaha. Thank god our parents were asleep. Usually, kids would build their fort using pillows or chairs covered with a blanket but nope, that’s not how we roll.

However, nowadays seems more like sitting together in one room and catching up with each other while playing a movie on the television. Well, not that it’s a bad thing, instead it’s even much better. Somehow all we need is just a few minutes to just drop everything and ask for others well-being no matter what condition we’re in. We might be fine but not others. I have to point out one thing though, and that is we all get tired easily. T_T I hate this part so much. We went to bed quite early even before the movie ended. Talk about being old..

The 2nd day, or may I say the last day of our trip T_T

I must confess that I didn’t even know that it’s 2 days and 1-night trip. I mean, my class won’t start until Monday and same goes to my parents work. However, our trip was still cut short so that we don’t have to rush into anything later since they still have to send my brother back to his dorm. Talk about the kind of schedule we all have now. This saddened me so much since back then it was pretty easy when it comes to going on a holiday. We could go on a 5 days and 4 nights holiday without any problem but now nothing seems going on our way. So I’m so blessed to be given this short amount of time to spend with my family better than nothing right?

We spent the 2nd day by resuming our shopping time but the last day at Cameron highlands means the day where you should pamper yourself with lots of flowers that you won’t find back at home since the weather up here is colder and different than back at Kuala Lumpur thus the different kinds of flowers that they have there. After that, we went to the cafe (always full ! but thank god since it wasn’t school holiday that day pheww) that is near to the tea plantation to take a picture and to have a tea there. I must say it became more and more beautiful now than it was back then. Also, even wider now. O.O

We even took a bunch of photos and selfies at the shop nearby I mean how can one resist from taking a selfie with an unpaid sunglasses because #coolkidswearsunglasses am I right? Plus, to those who wear glasses like me suffer from the problem of not being able to wear sunglasses so why not right? Bhahhaha

Bless the lady behind the counter for being so patient to not kick us out.

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