Why Thursday? what’s wrong with it? well, EVERYTHING. My schedule is packed on Thursday and on top of all I have to face our chemistry lab lecturer. The latter is the worst guys. If I’m going home every Thursday I will have to bring my bad mood along with my laundry to home. What a luck!

Let’s be real okay she literally hates everything about us ( me and my classmates). I feel like she hates us doing anything or even nothing at all. Like she even told us to breathe outside of the lab claiming that we were TOO LOUD. Let’s not talk about the countless time i was caught talking and laughing at my friend’s joke (or at my own joke lol i’m funny liddat hhahaha). I mean, we weren’t even THAT loud.

Despite on all of the hate I have on her, I did try my best to get on her good side. Even though I’m not a good student but sis over here is trying okay. I did. I remember that one day when we have a lab class and as usual she didn’t tell us which experiment we will be doing that day. ( A system that I hated the most about university, you have to do exactly everything by yourself like they won’t tell you shits you just gotta figure it out yourselves) So, being the good student I am, I asked my other friends about the experiment we will have to do next and asked a lot of questions later on in the lab (so that I’ll appear as if I did study for the experiments lol I still ended up useless as I’ve always been since the first experiment we did) but I guess that’s not enough. I mean unless I’ve been doing that since the first day I had her class. However if I think about it again, I did it. Like I’ve watched all of those experiments on youtube and even asked my other friends on how the experiment went but it’s as if the lab room is cursed like once you’re in it, you just turned into this clueless bubble head and will eventually find yourself staring at the more advanced pipette than the ones you’ll find back in high school for a few minutes before googling on how to actually use it (thank god in university we can actually bring our phone with us to the class) or used a different size of conical flasks than others so now you have to do everything all over again . I mean I thought they’re all the same like back in school and literally did not know that it could affect the results. I love chemistry but all of these things are confusing me.

but I have to be really honest though that towards the end of the first semester I finally find a reason not to hate her and eventually tried to understand her.I mean she wasn’t all that scary and moody, after all, there’s more than just that she’s actually a pretty soft like nice and all. That one time we met her in her room and she talked to us without using her “fed-up and tired pregnant woman” tone. Instead, she was talking nicely and eventually helped us to make sure that our lab report is perfect. I mean, if she hates us or that ‘mean’ she would literally just left us to fail. I guess it’s true when they said you’ll never like a person until you try to know them in a deeper level.

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