If you realize, the title itself can be alternate. It’s either the me who you haven’t met or the you who I haven’t met. Because I just realized that we all have several versions of ourselves that we chose to present that day or that time. Everyone has that one version of them to be shown to a particular person. Hence, the reason why I think there are still a few version of you who I haven’t met. Understanding human being is hard. As we all know humans can be either very transparent or highly opaque that I can barely see through them. It’s true that you’ll never know that person until you eventually live with them. However, even to our parents, we have a customized version of ourselves to them. Therefore, people were right when they say that only one could know one’s true self.

Sometimes I wonder too like why do we create so many versions of ourselves and not staying true to who we are. In front of individual  A,  we would tend to act strong and intimidating. However, in front of individual B we would be more relaxed, laid back and sometimes with this person, even silence is comfortable enough.

Other than that, it could also be of what we intend to gain from them. Be it trust or presence. This person could either be our shield or partner. We always wanted something from someone else. Vice versa. In that context, don’t you think it’s weird to think every person that appears in our lives have been making an indirect legal business transaction with us. And that we are only seeing one version of them. There are many layers of them that we have yet to witness. And why do they choose to be whatever they are to us?

I know I’ve stopped writing for quite some time now (It’s not that weird at all I’ve been doing that since forever hahahah) but I finally realized that those who have gone will never come back and those who stay will have to go on with life. So here’s me saying a final goodbye and a new hello to what’s to come. 🙂

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