Do you know what everyone hates the most as soon as he/she reached the age above 18 years old? Cue drum rolls..ADULTING. I swear, of all the things that I hate in this entire world is doing adult stuff. Like, going to the clinic by your own and not to mention had to even list out your symptoms and whatnots, going to the bank without your mom or even going to the counter by your own and last but not the leastly going somewhere totally foreign to you in order to take an important examination. The last one became even worse when you’re Asian, and you didn’t even tell your parents about it..I mean I don’t need my mom to come all the way from Hulu Langat just to give me an earful. Trust me, you . wouldn’t . want. that.

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been so busy planning on my trip to Kuala Kangsar as I’m going to be taking my MUET examination there. MUET is an English examination where everyone in Malaysia has to take in order to get to degree level. One may ask, why do you have to go THAT far. Well, kids, I didn’t really ask for it, It’s just sort of happened where I apply for the exams tad bit late. Resulting in me needing to take the exam across the country. Had to take the train, taxis even buses during this trip, or may I call, my little impromptu adventure with the people I barely know. Little did I know, I’ve used all sorts of public transportation ever existed in this country. and just a friendly reminder, it has been AGES since I commute to a certain place by bus. Literally forgot that you have to ring the bell in order to stop the bus. *facepalm*

I was unlucky enough to be placed in somewhere REALLY FAR and even had to take the exam a day earlier than my friend. So I had to ask every possible student in Tapah in case they are also happened to be taking the exam at the same place and same date as mine. Fortunately, my friend found out that her friend’s friend is in the same situation as me. I know its confusing but trust me, by the time you read that sentence the 3rd time you’ll get the point HAHAHAH. Her name is Bahjah. Also, I was also lucky enough to find another two students from Tapah who happened to be taking the exam at the same place. Everything was great and went well up until when the exam ended and Dini and Alis (the other two students I met on the train) decided to get on a bus and go to Ipoh right that moment. Therefore, Bahjah and I decided to take the bus as well and burnt our 15 Ringgit train tickets to ashes. Don’t worry, we still take the train back to Tapah but only from Ipoh.

Let me enlighten you on how the trip actually went. It. was. chaotic. or may I say even beyond that? Is there even a better word to describe it? I don’t know. We took a bus from  Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh by bus. It was a really long trip and let me remind you that we were so tired to the point that even the bumpy road makes us so sleepy. Of course, we can’t sleep and take the risk of missing the last station. Just imagine going through an almost 1-hour bumpy bus trip without listening to songs or even be on your phone because you have to save the phone battery just in case anything happened. It was very hard but I was so lost in my own thoughts. Like, had it not been this sudden situation I’m in I wouldn’t even know Kuala Kangsar existed and how the town was. And I probably wouldn’t even know those nice and good people still exist in this country. The best thing about being lost in a completely foreign place is finding kind people and finally have my faith in humanity restored. I was watching a Korean drama called crash landing on you which is a drama about a south korean woman who accidentally lands on a north korean land and she met a lot of nice people who help her throughout her journey going back home. I can totally relate to her, meeting so many kind people do bring us comfort in a foreign place. It’s that feeling knowing that you will be safe there and surely be able to go back home in one piece is the kind of assurance that we all need.  So many uncles and aunties helped us through our journey knowing that helping us meaning that one day, It’ll come back to them when they needed it. I remember how this auntie told us not to say that we were a burden to her and her husband but instead to remember that today she helped us, but who knows, one day we would be the one who’s helping her. Life is as simple as doing a good deed and in return getting it back when you need it the most.

Once we arrived in Ipoh, we went to Ipoh parade but too bad had only one hour to do our prayer and bought something for lunch. Sad?  I know, very much. But oh well, I got my Starbucks and subway sandwiches.

“Just the bbq sauce and chili sauce”

“No vegetables?”


Don’t worry, I didn’t scream at that guy just making sure that he gets the point that vege is not me, and I am not a vege. Periodt. (Also, don’t worry, adulting doesn’t have anything to do with eating vege so I’m good)

I think people didn’t even emphasize the true relieved of being able to go out then arrived safely at your home. Like, yes, going out, socializing and shopping is fun but nothing beats like knowing that you managed to come home safely after a long trip.




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