Spoiler alert, for those whose not 20 years old yet you might want to read this later on. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

At the age of 20 years old, I learned that those people who always include you in everything they do will eventually stop doing so and I hope you will stop questioning your importance in their lives just simply because the number of minority whose always by your side isn’t up to par with the one who’s not. Just because the majority of people around you ignored you, doesn’t mean that the minority of people who always stand by your side doesn’t count. Even though you think the whole world has turned their back on you, someone will always be there for you, even if it is your parents, family, Him or even yourself. Being alone comes in handy too, you’ll eventually cherish it!

Once you stop questioning your importance in their lives and values their importance in yours, you will realize just how lucky you are to meet them at that time and day. Life sometimes can be quite hard but easy at the same time when you stop taking it to deliberately hard.

At this age, failure is just another breath you take in. You’ll realize that without it, you could never make it this far and this wondrously determined. Back then you would cry on every single one of your failures, don’t worry, you still do but at this rate, those tears become the sea of your passion. and honey, at this age, passions are what fuels you. You’ll stop thinking what others have to say about your down days and you start to think of what to do next in order to prove them wrong. There are several times when your dreams seem out of reach. Sometimes, old dreams die, but new ones will arise.

What’s right and what’s wrong though? It will always be a series of wrong choices but those choices lead to the right one. There will always be at least that one person who will disagree with your choices but the least you could do is stand your ground and take as much as constructive criticism as you can. Hence, patience and perseverance definitely needed. Also, it what helps you to stay grounded and not lose your sight. Along the way, fun is definitely included so, at this age, you definitely have your down days but the fun is always a must. You’ll learn to appreciate those around you more and stop labeling them for who they are when they’re at school. You’ll discover so much more when you spend more time with them.  Those people who you and your friends judge so much during high school might be the only close ones you have now so cherish it and let people talks.

Love comes in many forms. I realized that at this age, you will long for that romantic relationship with someone you like but I also realized that it’s because we witness so much of it to the point that the feelings aren’t that sincere. We are surrounded by peoples who go to bed to a good night text and wake up to a morning call that we think we need it too when we actually don’t. Honestly, men are cool but you don’t really need them to live. But Jang Ki Yong is cute, so he’s exceptional. (Including every Korean guy) T_T. pshhh and mom still think I’m joking whenever I said I’m gonna marry park seo joon in the future. jokes on you mom!

In all seriousness, love doesn’t really have to be between a boy and a girl. It could be as simple as loving your friends, family and yourself. I hope people understand that. you could be full of love without even needing to be in a romantic relationship with someone. So spread the love, honey! Give so much love until there’s no more hate left in you. Why waste so much energy on hating someone? You need to calm down!

From a 20-year-old shahirah, to you who might be reading this and want to stop growing up. Trust me, it’s not the worst thing ever.

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