I stumbled upon this one line in a book I recently just finished, named It Only Happens In The Movie and I think my thought on ‘love’ will never be the same. The therapist in that book asked Audrey about what she thinks of love. Whether its a form of feel or choice? Audrey said she believes love is a feeling. Something that you could feel in your gut, the connection, and warmth. However, her therapist said that most of the adult or old people choose love as a choice. That once you grew older, you realize you choose love because it seemed like the only choice you have even when there’s no longer butterflies involved. For example, some probably decided not to divorce because of their kids. Thus, I realized that I couldn’t agree more. When asking our friends about the guy or the girl we like, the reply will always be the same “what does your heart says?” But after getting married and settled down, you both would probably grow tired of each other and the only thing that you both are tied to is the choice. The choice to love. To stay together for the sake of the future.

Sometimes I wonder, why do we choose a relationship knowing how it’ll end? It reminds me of that one line Park Morgan said in the kdama I recently just finished (Search www), “All form of love is moving towards an end whether its break up or death” Therefore, he said, we should focus on the present before the end is coming. Knowing the end will hurt us, might as well enjoy the present to the fullest. Being young does give you that kind of passion I guess. Since this drama focuses on the relationship between a couple with a big age gap, they show the viewers their different views on love. The woman, who is the older one, choose her career over love because she said she should focus more on her future. As you grow older you tend to jump towards the end that is compromising and its the total opposite for the guy. However, the guy, who is younger, choose love instead. He believes that it’s something that is so clear yet unavoidable. Something you’ll be coming back for more so why bother leaving it unattended when you can enjoy the present to the fullest.

Well, I guess love is still something that is a blur to me.



(I’m so sorry that this post is such a mess. I just wanted to finish what I started lol)


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