Take me back to that day,

There were fireworks,

and the table was full for dinner,

Stories pouring all over the room,

Laughter and smiles,

For once, it felt like everything slowed down,

and we’re all here, complete,

That day.


I see familiar faces that were long missed,

I see days of no worries and things I reminisced,

I wish I could stay on that day, forever.

That day.


Cold floor, hot chocolate,

It was cold but your smile was warm,

Mom prepared us breakfast,

Dad said yes to everything,

That day.


We all slept in the living room,

The small room never mattered to us anyways,

just like how it was back then,

Snores and gentle eyes,

I hope for more days like this,

Wishing forever was something I possessed,

Every single worry slipped through the silent nights,

As snores break the sudden calmness,

I count the hours and forget the seconds left before today’s gone.

Take me back to That Day.


**I know this is such a mess but I just wanted to put it out there and let That Day remain the day where flowers were blooming and worries were left in my small dorm room. At this point in life, I figured out that we don’t need a fancy holiday for memories to be remembered but just the presence of our family is enough.

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