Bravo, My Life!

Have you ever finished a kdrama or movie with a deep sigh of relief? Not because it has come to an end but because it exists and you somehow find yourself watching it. That you’re thankful that it came into your life and brought reassurance to your day with a little smile and perhaps with little tears too. The one that you wish could forget so you can watch it all over again. Life is like that sometimes, there are moments when you are so thankful that it happened and wish that it could be like that every day. But what can we do, we say goodbye every time. It’s almost as same as breathing. But what this drama taught me is that saying goodbye shouldn’t be a sad thing, instead, it’s something that we should cheer upon for that person’s well-being and future. Somehow, every goodbye always came along with a blessing.

The drama started with a long lost friend met each other again in a prison. After not keeping in touch for a long time, they finally met again in a place they least expected. However, throughout Kim Je Hyeok’s life in the prison, his friend was there in each of his steps making it easier to breathe each day. I think the beauty of this drama is that they showcased the human in every prisoner. We may always see them as this scary monster who ruined not only other’s life but also themselves but the writer and director managed to show us the other point of view that can only be seen by the inmates and corrective officers. Well, there’s a saying that goes you can never really know that person until you live with them. Wahh I remember crying watching the scene where he screamed during the church service because during the hymns no one would even hear you if you were screaming at the top of your lungs and that it’s a good place for cathartic yelling.

I learned so many things from this drama. From the way the inmates can get illegal stuff to how loyal they were towards each other. I know not all of them might be exactly how it is in the real world since this is not a documentary but I’m glad I’m learning something out of it. Giving up and finding hope again is the sugar and salt of life. We kept on finding ourselves stuck between those two. Kim Je Hyeok lost his motivation to continue playing baseball oh wait I forgot to mention that the main lead, Kim Je Hyeok used to be a professional baseball player before he went to prison but the important part is that he lost his will to stay alive after so many rough patches he went through such as going through chemotherapy then getting into prison. But somehow, he found a reason to continue walking towards his dream in the hopeless place, the prison. I found this very profound. Sometimes we found the very thing that we need, which is the will to get up and start everything all over again in our darkest time. Where we least expected to. And what I like the most about his friend is that, instead of pressuring him to go back being the professional player he was, his friend told him to just go and wing it. It’s okay if he did bad on the day of his comeback, after all, no one really has the time to care about our lives. They would probably think about it a few times but probably forget about it by next week. That’s how much of interest others have towards our lives. So, never live based on others’ opinions instead go on with your heart.

Lastly, just like how the prison’s radio host ended her broadcast every night at the prison, I too hope that all of you who’s reading this is holding up well with the things that keep you up at night and again, you did well today!

Today’s song of the day is Bravo, My Life! by Eric Nam. (It was originally sung by spring, summer, autumn, winter or 봄여름가을겨울 )

*Just like how this song helped me to get through the day I hope it does to you too. After all, we’re all trying our very best to live our lives every day. May you receive the good news you’ve been waiting for and may the summer warms your cold and lonely day. For hope is never a bad thing to hold on to.

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