Friendship, Romance, Life.

Friendship, romance, life. If I were to describe this drama in three separate words, its the combination of those three words. Each one of them balanced out one and another. Definitely, that one drama where I could say it ended ‘deliciously’. Just like how we all reacted to our favorite drama, I too want a season 2. However, just like the beginning of this drama where Jin Joo said that there’s a reason why every drama has an ending because that’s exactly where it should stop. Not every drama that ended with an ‘I love you’ or proposal or wedding scenes meant that its a happy ending. The main characters might get a break up after that but we never know. Hence, it is better to end exactly where it is and let the character live their life the way they wanted without us interfere them with our idea of ‘happy ending’.

Lately, I’m all about that slice-of-life kind of drama or basically the one that I can relate the most with a hint of humor just to lighten it a bit. Plus, a good script is a must. We all want that nice line coming out from the main lead’s mouth and wrote that down in our journal. Who knows, we might need it. I’m all about that drama were I can learn something from it. Or at least where the character gave their thoughts on something and I went like “Oh wait, that’s actually something else though”. Sometimes the writer really gives a good thought on different perspectives towards a certain issue or situation that really made me sit down and ponder about it for a while. Therefore, KUDOS TO THE WRITER-NIM THIS DRAMA REALLY MADE MY WEEK!

The friendship between these three is something that we all are envy about. Their undying support towards each other, as well as understanding, is something that we can all admire. There’s a scene where the two of these three ended up working together and how Jin Joo has to decide whether she would like to sign a contract and work with her best friend, Han Joo, or break her heart and choose another company. As the company that Han Joo currently worked at is a new company, it is understandable for a Jin Joo who is a rookie herself to pick a company that is used to taking care of rookie scriptwriter instead of a her best friend company. There’s a couple times where they highlighted about how her friend would be really sad but in the end she decided that its for the best. So, she’ll have to accept any choices made by her best friend as this is for her own future too.

The relationship between Jin Joo and the Director was quite interesting to me. Like how, they decided the whole ‘postpone’ thingy in a relationship. Due to the fact that they’re now doing what considered as “office romance” they had to draw so many lines in order not to get sidetracked. Both of them agree that they should stay professional and understand each other. They also agreed not to question one’s love when not being able to spend time together due to work. This has become one of this couple’s biggest problem as the director was in that situation back then. He broke up with his ex because he’s too busy with work and his ex not understanding his situation. I think the way they settled this problem was very mature and indeed it was the best solution. Postpone. Postpone everything until everything is settled down and they can finally be ready for everything that is to come into their relationship.

All I can say is that kdrama without villain is totally something else man. This is probably isn’t my first kdrama without a villain but everything totally feels different because now its basically a battle within themselves. Which is one of the interesting side that I’m curious about. I’ve read somewhere where they said that if there’s no problem externally, problems will tend to arise internally. Since, we’re so used to evil mom or evil ex-girlfriend so this drama is definitely a breath of fresh air. The ost to was something to point out it added more sweetness to the drama. Lastly, if I were to give this drama a rate I will give it 100/10. It’s very light for you to watch it in the evening while sipping hot tea with a little bit of laughter and learn some life lessons from it. 

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