The Drama That Hits A Home Run

“Best Drama” that’s the title given during the 56th BaekSang Arts Awards. It is the best drama indeed. Of course, this year there are so many line ups that made people quite anxious about the award show. We have Crash Landing On You, Hyena, and even The World Of The Married. However, Stove League managed to bring home the title with them. I have so many doubts when planning on starting this new series however the crowds’ opinions seem to be so loud that I had to give it a try. This drama is definitely one of those dramas that have reeled so many Koreans attention compares to the international kdrama fans. First of all, when it comes to gaining the international fans’ attention it’s all about having amazingly beautiful casts. The one that has been everyone’s phone wallpaper for so long. However, I have to admit the casts on this drama weren’t as famous as Lee Min Ho or Kim So Hyun globally but they did a great job in delivering each one of their lines. That’s why as I grow older and become more and more mature kdrama fan I began to value quality over popularity. Never trusts a kdrama based on the casts’ popularity instead value it based on their acting skills and plot. I’m at that age where I can no longer watch old kdrama without hitting the pause button every 5 seconds. That’s why you should always leave them in the past and watch the new kdrama instead. Even though I have to admit there are still kdrama that seem to be following the old format out there. We, as the consumer, have to choose what suits our taste the most.

If I were to talk about the plot it can be considered as fast-pace and no fill in episodes. So many things happen within a span of one episode that made you click the next episode button without you even realized it. They made you think that you need to know what happens next. Even though I have to admit it is quite hard for me to continue after the first episodes due to the fact that I’m not a baseball fans nor am I a fan of sports drama. I’m just not a sport person and they used so many terms that is a bit hard for me to follow at first. But I have to point out that they managed to make me glued on the screen since the second episode. It’s true that I give this drama a second try because of the title ‘Best Drama’ but what makes me stay till the end will have to be because it is the best drama indeed. If you put aside the whole baseball terms used and focus on the input you’ll get just as much. And why would I say no to a little bit of info about baseball anyways. If more, I’m slowly becoming more interested in baseball now and would definitely turn on the sports channel by now.

I’ve read so many reviews saying how they wished there are more scenes where the player playing at the field but if you understand the title well ‘Hot Stove League’ is a term used in baseball meaning sports’ off-season. Which means when the players aren’t playing. And basically what happens behind the scene in the office trying to figure out the strategies for the upcoming season. Also, it’s quite fascinating seeing how a sports club works. How trading works and how players don’t always stay in one club forever as well as how the whole politics in sports club works. The main lead of this drama, Baek Seung-Soo was a general manager who managed to bring wins to the club but only to disband afterward. However, he took another challenge to become a general manager of a baseball club called Dreams. The ever passionate operational manager, Lee Se Young adds more color to the drama. I’ve said this so many times and again I’m all about that mature and professional female lead. At first, I was a bit disappointed with her character that seemed to be no different than any old kdrama female lead character but then she managed to steal my attention with her passion for running the club. Also, it’s not just her. The whole staffs of the club were just as amazing. But due to the politics going on between the higher-ups they faced slumped for many years. I love how the writer does not only focus the whole limelight to the male lead because he’s the main character but also to the other characters as well. As if saying that, they managed to get back on their feet because of their good teamwork.


Lastly, I feel like the drama ended in a very realistic way. Instead of showing them winning the game and Manager Baek being apart of the team till the end, they showed us something else. Manager Baek wasn’t apart of the team anymore and now he’s on his way to manage a new sports club. And the team working their hard for the upcoming season. It didn’t show us exactly what we wanted but somehow it was enough. Knowing that the team didn’t fall apart and the staffs managed to keep their job is enough for Manager Baek and me, the viewer.

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