Dear, You: old forgotten classroom.

“기대해 즐겨 듣던 그 멜로디
라디오에 흘러나올 그 목소리”

These songs bring me back to our small classroom. We were sitting next to each other while singing each line of these songs. I see us memorizing lyrics we barely can understand. Just like how music transcends language barrier, It brought us closer. In the classroom and even laboratory these songs are always with us. This is what our songs would look like if we could visualize it. I know things look so different now but I wish that every once in a while these songs will somehow find its way into your YouTube feed. Let the algorithm works and may we met again even in those splitting seconds of reminiscing. I hope in that few seconds of reminiscence we were together again in that small old classroom next to each other, singing our songs. Let’s meet again in those beautiful memories where there would be no sorrowful goodbyes.

*I know it’s basically impossible for you to read this nurfa, but I hope you do and I hope you know that there are so many songs that I wish we could sing along together like those days again.. Please, stay healthy ! *

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