Dear, you: “You always know me”

The name of the person who I’m writing this for rhymes with the title of a song from Taylor Swift’s new album, track number eight. Well, not literally but you get it.

To be quite honest, there were so many songs that reminds me so much of the memories I had with you. It sort of hard to pick and choose the right title for this entry but this song is my current emotional train wreck that I ride on every night just to feel things. Right of the bat, the song just screams you from my point of view. I remember hearing the first line and the first person that I thought of was you. Weirdly enough, 90% of the song just describes your life from my perspective. The remaining is because you don’t sell stuff or promote things online so yeah minus 10 percent. The line “you always know me” is definitely the one line that my inner self constantly is screaming at the screen every time something bad happened to you and it seemed like not only covid-19 has put us away from each other. But, the world we live in seemed like no longer moving in a parallel lines. That’s okay by me. It’s just that I hope my prayer will always reach you and may that eases, if not all, some of your worries. BTS’s Spring Day reminds me of how far we are now. Even though we’re in a same country we seemed like worlds away. I don’t even know if you still read my blog or not but whatever it is please stay safe. Our memories are safe with me. If the fate allows, may we meet again 🙂

Every time I start to feel like its hard to breathe, I went back to that small alley where we were drunk of our laughter on our way home. It felt surreal, I think that’s what being drunk feels like. Like happiness is taking over as you swallowed every bits of sadness you have left. PS, I still won’t forgive you when you use me as a shield to hide from the dog that chased us. It was my first experience being chased by a dog. Glad I had those experience with you. It was an unforgettable one. Now every time I came across a dog I would think of you.

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