Hey 2020 !

We bid goodbyes so many times,

yet its still the hardest thing to do every single time.

Here’s to the people who made my 2020 more bearable,

The journey was a wild one

But the best thing we did was to charge forward

even when the wind blows the other way.

The resistance was strong,

but we were stronger than the current driving us away from our destination.

Here’s to another year full of surprises

May 2021 full of surprises we wished for,

and May 2021 be nicer and kinder.

I realized that this would be my first new year’s eve fireworks in 2 years,

College life in Tapah really made me forget how beautiful fireworks looked like every new year’s eve.

It shine so bright, I almost wish that my future looks the same,

May our ship sails to the destination we had in our mind,

May our younger self forgive us for the delay

For we all just an adventurer will a little too much obstacles on our way.

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