Everyday we RUN ON a track called life.

A marathon that I’m glad I finished despite so much of hesitation at first that’s what Run On is for me. If there’s one kdrama that I would like to suggest to each and everyone during this trying time it would be Run On. If you’re looking for a soft and warm kdrama this is for you. So many questions circling around the main lead to the point that it made all of us runners (that’s how we called the run on fandom) so curious. The male lead, Ki Seon Gyeom is so weird that he reeled all of us into his world making us wondering what exactly is going on inside his head..some might even called him as ”eccentric” which is not wrong. However he is better than your typical rich, arrogant and rude male lead.

Though this drama isn’t really 100% slice-of-life kind of drama but it does include a lot of things in our everyday life and some relatable moments that we faced in our daily life. Also, this is a dialogue-heavy drama so I understand if some people might not like it since you basically have to pay attention to each and every words spoken by the characters. However, that’s the best part of it since not only the main leads get the amazing lines but also other characters. Also, their lines are either very witty or super profound which is another brownie points from me ! But I must say that Netflix’s subtitles really didn’t do justice since so many jokes got lost in translation..In this situation, I’m glad I know a little bit of korean words and jokes because in that way you can understand their jokes better since the writer is super witty I tell you! There are so many parts where I have to literally hit the pause button and take in what just happened lol I wish I’m Oh-Mijoo in real life but then again Ki Seon Gyeom is just a fictional character and no man is as perfect as him T_T

As someone who loves details this easter egg-filled drama is perfect for me! Each episodes has hidden messages or movie reference that only can be seen if you pay attention enough. But to some people, you might need a bit of info about other korean movies in order to know some of the movie reference used. However, there are so many blogs out there that actually decipher each one of it so its really fun to read it afterwards. Ki Seon Gyeom is the male lead of this drama which is played by Im Si-Wan and of course they would include some The Merciless reference in Run On which is why it’s so interesting to be able to catch those details on your own. Seon Gyeom is a national track and filed athlete who lived his life only looking forward finally find the reason to start looking around for the long lost warmth. He who never had a chance to make his own choices pursue running instead. For him, that was the first decision he ever made. However, the moment when he broke free from the track is when his actual life begins. Oh Mi Joo is the female lead played by Shin Se Kyung. Oh Mi Joo grew up by herself without parents hence she learned the harsh thing about life first before anything. She might be rough with words but that’s just how she has lived her entire life when everyone was doing the same to her. In the world where parents support is what gets you somewhere, Mijoo became greedy for the things that she wants which also infuriates others for being able to get whatever she wants without any help from adults (Read: parents). As a translator she is used to being understand of everything and that somehow makes her feel rich. As if she has the world in her hand but meeting Ki Seon Gyeom was like walking in a foreign country and she doesn’t understand anything which makes her want to learn his language. Park Shin Hyun, the writer, wrote this for Oh Mi Joo’s character introduction:

“Suddenly, Mijoo felt that Korean language is really strange. You say annyeong when you meet, you say annyeong when you part. So are we meeting now, or parting? Are we beginning, or ending?

-Writer Park Shihyun on character Oh Mijoo (Run On, 2021)

Seo Dan Ah played by Choi Soo young really showed us what modern Rapunzel would be. First of all, I would love to say that she is the fashion queen in this series ! Her life consists of her trying to ascend the throne but in order to do so she ended up hurting other people instead. She lost her love for humanity long time ago when her father who’s in a time slip and perhaps currently in a Joseon era decided that woman cannot take the throne even though she is a legitimate heir. However, a son, even of an illegitimate birth can take those responsibility instead. That’s when she decided that she will get everything back after her brother has took so much from her including her only dream, becoming a football player. I have to say the character development for every characters are worth looking forward to.

Another thing about Run On is that they touch a lot of important messages that should be heard by the audience. The first one is when ki seon gyeom told woo sik that not forgiving those who assaulted him is his right which is a very important lesson to all of us. In this scene woo sik thought that because no action were taken on those who assaulted him, they weren’t wrong and that they hit him in order to discipline him.

Next is ki seon gyeom’s dad unwanted love. Ki Jeong Do not only pays so much attention to his family but he also think that he owns them to the point that he used his family just to create a good image as an assembly man. Ki Seon Gyeom has a pre-determined life where his father will decide everything for him including his career and even love life. To Ki Jeong Do, this is love because he thinks that everything he did for his family is for their own good but he didn’t realize that it will only benefits him while his family has to suffer.

Furthermore, Ki Seon Gyeom told oh mijoo that he usually would run on the track like nothing happened even though he had a rough day and just forget about the past. However, he felt like he can’t do it this time because of his colleague’s assault case. That’s when Oh Mi Joo told him:

and of course we can’t forget the heart-fluttering moment… I was so caught of guard when I first watch this scene because I really didn’t see that coming ! Since this is a dialogue-heavy drama, the writer surely knows how to play with words. My heart really skipped a bit when he said this:

I love how the writer really use a different approach for each and every scene making it so refreshing to watch !

The most important lesson that’s being taught in this drama would be ‘self-love’. The writer really stress the importance of taking a good care of one self and always be kind to yourself. In the earlier episodes, we saw so many scenes where Ki Seon Gyeom would go the extra miles for his loved ones but somehow among the people he loves, none of them was him. Oh Mi Joo also said:

“Who do you think will end up with me forever? It’s me, myself. So, you need to take a good care of yourself and fix yourself whenever something breaks. I really want to get a long with myself. I don’t want to love myself too much, but I don’t want to be too hard on myself either. I think it’s important to work hard on keeping a good balance. I want you (Ki Seon Gyeom) to love yourself a little more that’s how we can keep a long and healthy relationship.”

-Oh Mi Joo (Run On, 2021)

Actually these aren’t the only thing about Run On but if I were to talk every single thing about it this will become a series. Ha. I have to be honest this is the first time that I’m so invested in a kdrama that I even watch it live when its on aired in korea without subtitle. I even created a fan account for this drama, did a live update (like how i used to when I was a swifties well I still am its just that I no longer live update like back then), and not to forget my poor rough translation during the live update. Yup, very embarrassing. So, does this somehow piques your curiosity on how the whole drama will be? Hopefully it does and may it finds it way into a special place in your heart like how it does to me. I really wish I could wipe off my memory so I can watch this drama again like the first time..

Today’s choice of song is an ost from this drama called Run To You by Lucy. This song plus countless scenes of Im Si Wan doing his morning run really motivates me to put on my sport shoes and start running too ! To everyone who’s running on your own perspective lane, may this drama bring some comfort and warmth to you, keep running !

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