About me

Hi there! I am Shahirah and I am both happy and ecstatic that you’re on my blog

I am 21 years old now phew! Nothing hit me the most like knowing that my age now starts with number two. Years do eventually pass by without you knowing it. (Well, actually we do know it. but it felt that way after you’ve passed all of those hardships)

To say goodbye to my school life was really an eye opener about how I am now finally stepping into a new world and should learn to depend on myself a lot more than I used to. My favorite thing in the world? to finally be able to say ‘my cats’ when I used to be so jealous of my friends because they have cats and I don’t since I am allergic to fur. Trust me, the struggle is real when you are a cat lover but allergic to fur.

About my URL, why berlyann? what is that? you may ask. First, kimberly is my alias because back then I thought about having a name that has kim in it but at the same time an American name so my best friend came up with this idea ‘why not kimberly?’ excuse me but back then I didn’t know kim Kardashian’s full name was kimberly nor do I know she exists.Because she got that idea from kim Kardashian’s full name.I just thought ‘hey, that’s cool just exactly what I want’. So, that’s the ‘berly’ part and for the ann part its nothing much basically the same person gave me this idea she just somehow came up with a pun in the middle of the night let me explain this okay berlyann sounds exactly like ‘berlian’ it’s a malay word meaning diamond. Because i’m as precious and expensive as a diamond geddit?. no? okay. There you go. at least I have a decent url now thanks to my best friend.

Also, English is not my first language, Bahasa is. I do read my posts a couple of times before I publish it but I’m not fluent in English. Therefore, I apologize if you happen to stumble upon any mistakes or grammatical error and do tell me about it.

So, you know a little bit about my uninteresting and humdrum life now, friends?

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